Financial Education

Start Saving Now

NOW is the right time to start investing your hard earned money. As written in the IMG (International Marketing Group) Wealth Academy website. The Wealth Academy is a comprehensive 30-series training program of International Marketing Group, one of the country’s leading companies in the financial industry. Its main thrust is to develop Filipinos’ Financial Literacy, Emotional Discipline, Investment Wisdom, and Entrepreneurship. It was established in 2008 by Mr. Noel Arandilla, IMG’s Executive Vice Chairman and Registered Financial Planner of the Philippines. There’s a great need to educate Filipinos on a grand scale.

We at IMG-Wealth Academy believe that poverty is mainly a product of low financial I.Q.. To end poverty we need to put an end to financial ignorance.

Mission: No Family Left Behind – To empower Filipino families to create wealth through financial education.

Vision:  To become the biggest financial educator for Filipino families.

If you are interested to attend our FREE Seminar kindly visit the Events List and register for FREE


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