Three Simple Ways To Show How Much You Care

Even you are still dating or married these three simple ways will surely touch the heart of your loved ones.

Say I Love You, Listen Wholeheartedly And Write A Love Letter

Say I Love You. Being told “I Love You” is such a music in ones ear. Make it a constant reminder to say it daily and often, however repetitive it is. It still means a lot.
Listen Wholeheartedly. Take a few minutes to listen with your mind and listen with your heart. Stop what you are doing and pay attention to what he is saying.
Write a love letter. Love is an art and not a science. Write a note telling him how he means to you and how thankful you have him in your life. Make it sweet!

I tried this and it really feels good, knowing that I made him felt so special. So try it as well and let me know what happens ­čÖé


Thank You : A Powerful Word

One more month and we will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary. Only these two words, “Thank You” help us ┬ádeal with arguments and conflicts. It is something that we say not to expect anything in return but expressing it┬ábecause we mean it. We appreciate not only the things that we’ve done but being the person that we are.

I would like to thank my husband for loving and believing in me and for accepting who I am and who I am not. We are still starting to settle things down but I know that we can make it!