What Is A Mutual Fund?

Know Your Options

What Is A Mutual Fund?

It is an investment company that pools money from numerous investors through the issuance of its shares to the public. The pooled funds are then invested by professional fund managers in various securities according to the investment objectives and policies of the company.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

Affordability. Most mutual funds in the Philippines require a minimum initial investment amount of only Php5,000.oo and minimum additional investments of Php1,000.00

Diversification. An investment principle that requires holding several securities to reduce the risks associated with investing in individual securities. When people invest in a mutual fund, they achieve instant diversification because the fund is required by law to invest in a wide array of securities.

Professional Management. One of the main attractions of mutual funds is the fact that it affords its investors, particularly the small ones, the services of full-time professional managers whose focus is to analyze the various investment products available in the market and actively select those that would give the best possible returns to the fund and its shareholders.

Tax-free. Gains realized by investors upon redemption of their shares in a mutual fund have been excluded from the definition of gross income effective January 1, 1998 and are, therefore, not subject to personal income tax (R.A. #8424)

Our Mutual Fund Partners

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