Is Traditional TV Dying? [Infographic]

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Is Traditional TV Dying?

Talk to generation Y and they’ll tell you that TV’s are on the way out! While we may have spent the last 80 years enjoying TV in the comfort of our living rooms, the future trend is to watch it on your computer or from your computer with hdmi making your small screen bigger than life!
In the fast-moving world of today, taking the time to sit down to watch something that is scheduled on TV is difficult for people to do. Especially since we have become so used to instant gratification at a time that is convenient for us.

Just recently, Netflix stated that their viewers were watching more than a staggering 1 billion hours of content for the month of June. The first time this has happened which equates to around 38 hours of streaming video per subscriber for the month! In December 2011 that was just 28 hours per subscriber, so the number are way up.

But what about other aspects of our lives that are been changed by technology like this – Skype is now our go to tech for long distance calling and how many people are no longer reading books, but downloading them to their reading devices.

While it has taken 80 years to generate 290 million viewers – it has only taken less than 10 years to generate 125 million online!

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