How It All Started

Workplace Politics

It was the first month of the year when I decided to resign from my work. Everyday I usually drag my feet to go to the office and face office politics, conflicting views of the different people in the workplace and traffic jam.

On my second month of being jobless I decided to attend the seminar “How To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant” of Mr. Jomar Hilario. He is a Filipino internet marketer and is known to be the Tim Ferriss (of 4 hour work week fame) of  the Philippines.  The seminar took place in a cool quiet place of Rosewood Pointe, Taguig.

I learned from the seminar what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and the qualifications or the skills I need. At the end of the session an assignment was given and I need to fulfill it within the next two months.

My Mentors, Jomar Hilario and Bo Sanchez

I am happy that I attended the seminar of How To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant. I am seeing myself within the next few months dealing with clients and earning dollars at the comfort of my home.


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